The World's First Scalable, Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

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The Timing Is Right

The world is finally ready for a real gold-backed cryptocurrency that can scale to meet global demand.


Green Blockchain Tech

'Proof of Work' blockchain tech takes a lot of energy to mine. Instead, we employ cutting-edge 'Proof of Stake' ideologies to help the planet.


Smart Investors Agree

Gold has stood the test of time for protecting and safely growing wealth. The GoldBack uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to make gold an even better investment.


Blockchain For Auditing

We utilize blockchain-based RFID systems to perform real-time auditing of our vaulted gold reserves. The records are viewable 24/7 via any internet-connected smartphone.

Through the power of uniting old and new technologies, this type of token is possible for the first time in history.

Roger SilenCEO, Founder

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